What Is the Best Way to Answer a "Which of the Following Is True" Question?

The best way to answer a "Which of the following is true?" question on a test is to narrow down the options using the process of elimination. Start by eliminating any answers you know for certain are false, then break down the remaining answers to look for any details that prove the entire statement is false.

The potential answers in these types of questions are often worded almost exactly the same, with key elements such as names or dates modified slightly. Conditional terms like "always" or "sometimes" are often used in these answers to trick test takers who don't take the time to fully examine each possible answer. In some cases, there can be more than one correct answer. Make sure to read the full question and test instructions carefully to see if multiple statements may be true. On such tests, "All of the Above" may be one of the possible answers. Conversely, it's possible that none of the possible answers are true, in which case an answer of "None of the Above" would be correct.

Multiple choice questions that contain an answer pool of potentially true or false answers are designed to test a very detailed level of knowledge on the given subject.