What Are Some Wacky Web Tales That Are Like Mad Libs?

What Are Some Wacky Web Tales That Are Like Mad Libs?

Some Wacky Web Tales that are like Mad Libs include “Adventures Abroad,” “How to Make a Snowman,” “Learn to Be a Rock Star” and “A Trip to the Art Museum.” Like Mad Libs, Wacky Web Tales has kids fill in word blanks with nonsensical and hilarious results.

“Adventure Abroad” has kids fill in blanks for a description of a country, though the results are more funny than factual. Paragraphs in the story describe the nation’s notable features, the best time to visit and the behavior of the locals.

“How to Make a Snowman” is a unique story that takes the form of a recipe. After filling in the blanks for ingredients and portions, kids are treated to humorous instructions for making a snowman. The story is particularly focused of quantities and measurements, making useful for kids who are learning about numbers.

In “Learn to Be a Rock Star,” kids enter their own names and enroll themselves in a school for rock stars. In the first section of the story, they learn to play and sing like rock stars. In the second, they gather an entourage. Finally, they put on a rock concert.

“A Trip to the Museum” takes readers on a journey through the world of art. Kids fill in blanks to create humorous descriptions of paintings, sculptures and the gift shop.