What Is the VOA Special English Learning Program?


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Voice Over America's Learning English, formerly known as Special English, is a podcast teaching English as an alternative language. Listeners can stream the podcast, add it to a playlist, or download it.

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As of 2015, Voice Over America releases one new Learning English broadcast per day. Each broadcast is around 30 minutes long. Learning English is part of multiple audio broadcasts offered by Voice Over America to help individuals learn how to speak English. The other broadcasts typically revolve around a theme. One example is the This Is America broadcast, which helps teach English while discussing major events in American life. Another broadcast is Science in the News, which focuses on environmental and scientific news as a method of teaching English. Other broadcasts are more specific, such as Words And Their Stories, which focuses on teaching difficult English idioms and expressions.

Learning English uses a more basic vocabulary and is read more slowly than these other broadcasts, in order to help individuals who might need extra assistance learning English. Users can add multiple broadcasts to a playlist from within the website to customize the learning experience, or download the podcasts to listen to at a later time. Users have the option of downloading in lower-quality or higher-quality mp3 files. Unfortunately, the site does not provide a unique description for each broadcast, so users must listen to it to know what its contents are.

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