What Are Some Vintage Names?

What Are Some Vintage Names?

Examples of vintage names for girls include Marjorie, Mabel, Rosie, Leona and Alma. Mercy, Hattie, Millie, Dorothy and Beatrice are more examples. For boys, examples of vintage names include Enoch, Harvey, Cassius, Clyde and Samson. Further examples include Theo, Gilbert, Thaddeus, Otto and Francis.

Marjorie is a variant of the name Margaret, influenced by the herb "marjoram." It was popular in the Middle Ages but was rare afterwards, regaining popularity at the end of the 19th century.

Mabel is the feminine form of the name Amabilis, meaning "lovable" in Latin. Like Marjorie, it was a popular name in the Middle Ages but lost popularity afterwards until the 19th century.

Rosie is a form of the name Rose, which came originally not from the flower, but from the Germanic words "hrod," meaning "fame," and "heid," meaning "type." It was adopted in England as Roese or Rohese and quickly became associated with the flower.

Leona is the feminine form of Leon, which is Greek for "lion." This was a common name for Jewish people in the Middle Ages.

The name Alma was probably inspired by the Latin word for "nourishing" or the Spanish word for "soul," but it gained popularity after the Battle of Alma in Crimea in 1854.