What Is "videos De Hombres" in English?


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The Spanish phrase "videos de hombres" translates to English as "videos of men." Typing "videos de hombres" into search engines or video sites such as YouTube mostly results in videos showing some form of homosexuality.

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While "video" is an English-Spanish cognate, the Spanish word "video" can also refer to a video cassette player or a VCR. In some Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, "video" is colloquially used to refer to a video store.

"Hombre" primarily means "man." However, "hombre" can also be used to talk about mankind in general. While "de" by itself usually means "of," the phrase "de hombre" can be translated to Spanish as "manly." Therefore, an alternative translation of "videos de hombres" to English could be "manly videos."

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