What Does "vestidos De Noche" Mean in English?


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The Spanish phrase "vestidos de noche" translates to "evening dresses" in English. Word Reference, Merriam Webster's Spanish Dictionary and SpanishDict are great resources to assist in translations.

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When breaking down the phrase, the word "vestidos" directly translates to the English word "dresses." The singular form of this word is "vestido," according to Word Reference. The Spanish word "noche" means "night" or "evening" in English, and depending on the context, the preposition "de" can be used to mean "from," "of" or "with," and it is also used to describe what something is made of, as stated by SpanishDict. In this case, "de" translates to "of," so the direct translation would be "dresses of the evening," but the reduced phrase, "evening dresses," is used in English.

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