What Are Some Versatile Welcome Speeches?


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Free-Sample-Letter.com, Write-Out-Loud.com and Find-the-Words.com provide examples of generic welcome speeches that are suitable for many occasions and audiences. The welcome speech on Free-Sample-Letter.com is a fully written template, with parentheses in which a speaker can insert the appropriate language for her particular event, guests and date. No one speech works for all audiences and purposes, but speakers can craft versatile speeches by keeping the information in the speech vague and audience centered.

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To create a versatile welcome speech, start out by welcoming any distinguished guests and then the rest of the audience. Craft a sincere welcoming statement, and leave space to change the names as needed. Thank your audience for attending by saying something like, “Thank you so much for being here. We are so honored that you could take the time to be a part of today’s events.”

Create a captivating introduction that explains why the audience should be interested, and later supplement it with specific information about the event. Find a well-known motivational quote to insert into your speech, and then end with a generic closing comment.

For an even more versatile welcome speech, write two versions of the same speech, one that is more upbeat and one that is more formal. Having multiple versions on hand ensures that a basic speech template is available regardless of the occasion.

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