What Does "venta De Casas Usadas" Mean?


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"Venta de casas usadas" is Spanish for "existing home sales." Existing home sales refer to the sale of existing single-family homes and condos, as well as co-op sales. Changes in mortgage rates tend to affect the sales.

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"Venta" is a feminine noun in Spanish meaning "sale." "Casa" is a feminine noun meaning "home." Adding an "s" to "casa" makes it plural, becoming "homes."

"De" means "of" and is one of the most common prepositions in Spanish. It is often used where an adjective is used in English. For example, the English phrase "home sales" is "venta de casas" in Spanish, which literally translates to "sale of homes." "Usado" means "used," but adjectives change based on gender and number, making "usadas" the form for feminine plural nouns.

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