How Do I Get a Vcom Membership?

To obtain a Vcom membership, visit a local 7-Eleven convenience store, register for membership on a Vcom banking system and provide banking information. Vcom membership is limited to customers of participating banks and credit unions.

  1. Locate a Vcom banking system

    Enter a 7-Eleven convenient store, and locate the Vcom banking system. Not all 7-Eleven stores offer a Vcom machine, so call ahead, or check on the 7-Eleven website for participating locations.

  2. Create a Vcom account

    Use the Vcom touch screen system to select the CU Service Centers button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select your bank or credit union from the list, and enter the corresponding account number from the financial institution you just selected from the list.

  3. Swipe your banking card

    Swipe an ATM, debit or credit card from your bank to transfer your information to the Vcom system. Answer a series of questions about the account to ensure identity and ownership of the account, pressing Enter after each question. Create a PIN number when completed with the questions.

  4. Use the Vcom card

    Select an option from the Transactions Menu to begin using the Vcom account. A Vcom membership allows users to make withdrawals, deposits, money transfers, loan payments and account inquiries at participating 7-Eleven locations.