What Are Some Uses for Smart Boards in Schools?


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Smart boards are used in schools as dry erase boards that let students and teachers write on them in a similar way to how schools used to use chalk boards. They also function as LCD screens so that teachers can project websites or videos to the entire class.

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Usually, in a classroom, a smart board connects to a computer system and an overhead projector. With this technology, the teacher can use a computer to instruct an entire class with a single projection system. A teacher wishing to play a video for a class can simply access the video in storage on the computer or put a DVD in the computer's media player. Smart boards also help substitute teachers, because instructors can prerecord student instruction onto a computer for easy use with a smart board.

Smart boards allow students to avoid the mess of chalk and chalkboards. Teachers can write messages to students on the smart board, such as calendar reminders, homework assignments and instructions, or student rewards. Because teachers can project information with a smart board, they print and disburse fewer sheets of paper, which in turn teaches students the benefits of green technology. Since smart boards connect electronically, teachers can use smart boards to engage students in interactive games and responses. Students can interact with a learning quiz or game by touching the smart board, which helps to keep students engaged in learning.

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