What Are Some Uses of ClassDojo for Teachers?


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Teachers use ClassDojo to reward students with points for completing in-class assignments, homework, participation and good behavior. Rewarding students with Dojo dollars for points earned that are redeemable on campus is another idea.

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The inherent flexibility of the ClassDojo interface allows teachers to reward points within any new, creative classroom situation. Teachers give points to students who ask questions when guest speakers visit the school or to students who demonstrate critical thought by referencing empirical evidence to buttress a point, for instance.

With the ClassDojo app, students are able to request that teachers photograph any completed, graded assignments and send them to parents. Teachers send instant messages to parents, place community announcements on a virtual classroom blackboard or create a timeline for a series of complete classroom projects.

ClassDojo is customizable, so teachers set relevant goals, give points to individuals or groups, reward points privately or share with students as in-class encouragement takes place via ClassDojo.

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