What Are Some Useful Tips to Follow When Teaching Kids Spanish?


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Some effective ways to teach children Spanish include reading bilingual books with them, watching Spanish-language TV and listening and singing along to Spanish music. You can also visit a Spanish-speaking country, use language learning DVDs, and encourage bilingual friends and family members to speak with children in Spanish.

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Teaching children Spanish through games and movement activities keeps the language comprehension alive. Play-based teaching is a great way to make learning Spanish fun and exciting for children.

Think of Spanish as a new way to experience your everyday life, Babbel.com suggests. The best way for a child to learn a new language is to hear people speaking it fluently. Language immersion can happen by watching Spanish-language movies with Spanish subtitles, and finding Spanish-language podcasts and YouTube videos on interesting and child-friendly topics.

Some additional ways to teach children Spanish is by playing memory games to reinforce words after each game, incorporating outside play with Spanish lessons, and making faces in the mirror with an emotion, such as: feliz (happy) or triste (sad). More fun language-learning games include playing I Spy in Spanish and Simón Dice/Simon Says. Children can also learn the language and culture by celebrating a tradition native to a Spanish-speaking country, such as Mexico's Día de los Muertos.

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