What Are Some Useful Phrases to Know in Spanish?

What Are Some Useful Phrases to Know in Spanish?

Some useful Spanish phrases are "hola," which means "hello," "adios," which means "goodbye," and "gracias," which means "thank you." Another important phrase is introducing oneself by saying, "Mi llamo" followed by one's name.

Some other greetings are "buenos dias," which means "good morning," "buenas tardes," or "good afternoon," and "buenas noches," which means "good evening." "Perdon" is used to apologize and excuse oneself. To ask someone's name, say, "Come se llama usted?"

For non-Spanish speakers, an important question is "Hable ingles?" which is a way to ask someone if he speaks English. "Como se dice?" is a way to ask how a word is said "en espanol," or "in Spanish." If one does not understand what is being said, he can say, "No comprendo." If asked whether or not one speaks English, "Si un poco" means "yes, a little."

A useful phrase to say in restaurants or shops when inquiring about the price of an item is, "Cuanta cuesta?" Say, "Donde esta..." to ask where something is; for example, "Donde esta el bano?" translates to, "Where is the bathroom?"

Some important phrases for an emergency are "fuego" to yell "fire," "alto" to tell someone to stop, and "llame a la policia," which means "call the police."