What Are Some Useful Italian Words and Phrases?

Dummies.com recommends many useful phrases for travelers, such as "Non parlo bene l'italiano" (I do not speak Italian well) and "Parla inglese?" (Do you speak English?). Other useful words or phrases include "Sì" (Yes), "No" (No) and "Grazie" (Thank you).

Other useful Italian phrases for travelers include "Mi scusi" (Excuse me) and "Mi sono perso" (I am lost); "Mi sono persa" is used when speaking to a women. Dummies.com also recommends a few useful phrases for those at restaurants, such as "Lei non mangia la carne" (She does not eat meat), "Due cappuccini, per favore" (Two cappuccinos, please) and "Il caffè non è buono" (The coffee is not good). For those who are a little lost, the phrase "Sto cercando il mio albergo" (I am looking for my hotel) comes in handy.

Ways to say "Please" in Italian include "per favore," "per piacere" or "per cortesia." For those new to Italian, the phrase "Può ripetere, per cortesia?" (Can you repeat that?) is very useful, and adding in "Molte grazie" (Thank you very much) is always appreciated.

Familiarity with basic pronouns is also useful since there are differences between formal and informal speech. "Tu" (you) is singular and informal, but "Lei" is formal. "Voi" is plural and informal, but "Loro" is formal.