What Are Some Useful French Phrases?

What Are Some Useful French Phrases?

Useful French phrases include "S'il vous plait," "Je ne comprends pas," "S'il vous plait, je cherche," "Ou sont les toilettes?" and "Combien ca coute?" Other helpful French words are "bonjour," "merci," "petit-dejeuner," "diner" and "l'eau."

The basic polite French words and phrases important for facilitating conversation with a French-speaking person include "S'il vous plait," meaning "please"; "merci," meaning "thank you"; "bonjour," meaning "hello"; and "au revoir," which means "good-bye." These relatively simple words are crucial to communication.

When communicating with a French-speaking person, one with limited knowledge of the language needs to know the phrase, "Je ne comprends pas," meaning "I don't understand." A similar sentiment is "Je ne parle pas francais," which means, "I don't speak French."

Finding out the location of various places begins with the word "ou," meaning "where." "Ou sont les toilettes?" means, "Where is the bathroom?" Use "s'il vous plait" before or after for courtesy. Similarly, one can say, "S'il vous plait, je cherche..." to say "I am searching for (a particular place)."

When traveling in France, a handy phrase to know is "Combien ca coute?" to ask "How much is it?" This is a helpful phrase in restaurants and shops.

Eating in France can be trying when one does not know basic French. "Petit-dejeuner" is French for "breakfast," and "diner" means dinner. "Manger" means "to eat." "L'eau" is "water," "the" is "tea" and "cafe" is "coffee."