What Are Some of the Most Used Prepositions in the English Language?

Some of the most common prepositions in English include "of," "in," "to," "for," "with," "on," "at" and "from." These are all examples of one-word prepositions. Other common prepositions are known as complex prepositions, which are word groups that function as one-word prepositions.

Prepositions are known as direction or relationship words. They connect nouns, pronouns, verbs and phrases in a sentence according to particular relationships, and they are very commonly used in English. For example, the previous sentence contained three prepositions, two one-word prepositions and one complex preposition, expressing the relationship of prepositions to other elements. They appear in a sentence, function according to particular relationships and are used in English.

Complex prepositions are divided into two categories: two-word units composed of a word and a one-word preposition and three-word units composed of a one-word preposition, a noun and a one-word preposition. Some examples of two-word prepositions include "ahead of," "as for," "due to" and "far from." Some examples of three-word prepositions include "by means of," "in charge of" and "in exchange for." Although the number of one-word prepositions used in English can be determined and is likely to remained fixed, more complex prepositions are likely to come into common usage as the language develops. Accordingly, no definitive list of all the prepositions used in the language is likely to remain fixed.