What Are Some of the Most Used Plural Nouns?


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The top five most common plural nouns used in the English language are "times," "people," "years," "ways" and "days." Other common English plural nouns include "men," "lives," "children," "boxes" and "companies."

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In the English language, plural nouns are usually created by adding an "s" to the end of a singular noun. Therefore, "time" becomes "times" and "year" becomes "years." Other examples of simple plural nouns like these include "boats," "houses," "cats" and "rivers."

Other nouns follow a slightly different pattern. For example, singular nouns that end in "s," "x," "z," "ch" or "sh" become plural by adding "es" to the end of the noun. Therefore, the plural of "box" is "boxes." Other plural nouns that follow this pattern include "buses," "wishes," and "pitches." Meanwhile, singular nouns that end in a consonant followed by "y" are made plural by removing the "y" and adding "ies." Therefore, the plural of "company" is "companies." Other examples of plural nouns in this style include "pennies," "babies" and "cities."

Many nouns are irregular, meaning that there is no pattern available for creating their plural form. Some nouns change a letter within the word to form a plural. For example, the plural of "man" is "men." Other words do this while adding an "s" at the end of the noun; one such example is "life" changing to "lives." Other irregular nouns simply change the end of the word altogether, as in the cases of "person" becoming "people" and "child" becoming "children."

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