How Do You Use the Think Through Math Program?


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After purchasing and obtaining access to the Think Through Math program, you have several different features at your disposal for learning math. After the program gauges your level of expertise, you automatically receive problems based on your abilities, and your progress is commensurate with your mastery of the concepts.

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If you are a student, you also have access to live U.S.-certified math teachers via the Think Through Math program. Before accessing such help, however, the program requires you to attempt the problem yourself. If you choose a wrong answer, a series of computer solutions to common mistakes appears. If after reviewing this information you still do not get the right answer, or if you do not understand the problem-solving process, then click on the Math Help button to access a live teacher. Both English and Spanish speaking teachers are available.

Lessons often start with a gaming session in order to help you prepare for the conceptual material that follows. As you progress, you earn points that you can use to customize your avatars and dashboards. You can also use these points to donate to an approved charity of your choice.

If you are a parent, you can use the Think Through Math Parent Portal to access your child's progress reports, certificates of completion and information about Think Through Math's resources.

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