How Do You Use Practice LSAT Exams?


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An efficient way to use practice LSAT exams is to take them under the same time constraints as the real test to get a feel for how much time is reasonable to spend on each question. This method also gives students an idea of how prepared they are based on their practice score. As of 2015, test takers get 35 minutes to complete each of the five multiple-choice sections as well as 35 minutes to prepare a writing sample.

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Taking practice LSAT exams is the best way to become familiar with the format of the exam. Students who take practice exams are able to better focus on the content of the questions because they are already familiar with the test instructions and types of questions they can expect to encounter.

Although LSAT test takers complete five multiple-choice sections, only four of these sections factor into their test scores. The unscored section consists of trial questions the creators of the test are considering for inclusion in future versions of the LSAT. Students must give their best efforts on all five sections because the test does not indicate which is the unscored section; its placement varies from test to test. The writing sample also does not factor into the final test score, but students should nonetheless present their best writing because each law school to which they submit an application receives a copy of the sample.

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