How Do You Use MLA Citation When Writing for a Newspaper?


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To cite a newspaper article in Modern Language Association style, identify key properties of the article and where it was published and include this information in a works cited entry at the end of the document. The article title, author, publication name, date, page number and medium are required for a complete entry.

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Begin a citation for a print newspaper article by writing the author's last name followed by the author's first name. Separate the names with a comma and place a period after the first name. Follow the author's name with the full title of the article, followed with a period and enclosed within quotation marks. Next, write the name of the newspaper in italics. Continue by giving the date in day-month-year format, abbreviating the month using a three-letter abbreviation if necessary. Follow the publication date with a colon and the page number, and end the citation with the word "Print."

The MLA is just one organization that offers guidance on how to cite sources in an academic paper. Guidelines exist for newspaper articles as well as books, magazines and electronic resources. Interested readers can examine a paper's works cited list as an avenue to gaining additional insight into the paper's development.

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