How Do You Use an MLA Citation Maker?

How Do You Use an MLA Citation Maker?

Depending on whether the source is already in the MLA, or Modern Language Association, citation maker's database, using the tool might involve just searching for the website, book or other item to cite, or it might require filling in a list of details for the source manually. EasyBib and Citation Machine are two MLA citation makers that offer both automatic and manual citations for a variety of sources.

To use an MLA citation maker website to cite a source, use this process.

  1. Select the source type
  2. Visit a website like EasyBib or Citation Machine and select the source type, such as book, journal, website or magazine, from the tab options. There is usually also an option to view a more comprehensive source-type list. Make sure the desired citation formal is MLA before continuing.

  3. Make the citation
  4. Type the website address, article name or title of the work into the search box to see if an automatic citation is available. If one comes up in the results, select it and make any requested additions, such as access date for websites, to finish generating its citation. If no results come up, select the option to manually cite the work and fill in all the relevant fields on the website's form. Guidance is usually available on the citation maker's website for help finding key information.

  5. Use the citation in the document
  6. After creating the citation, copy and paste it into the document, or use any available export options on the site, such as exporting to Microsoft Word.