How Do You Use the KitzKikz Flash Card Maker?


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Use the KitzKikz flash card maker by entering the questions into the boxes on the left column and the answers into the boxes on the right, then clicking the PDF button to save the cards as a printable document. The tool also supports images, special formatting and mathematical equations.

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The basic usage of the tools consists of entering in questions and answers into the appropriate fields, which correspond to 16 different card faces. With the standard printing option, eight card faces appear on each sheet of paper, with the first pair of questions and answers appear side by side and continuing down the page. The tool also supports a duplex layout option, wherein the first question sits next to the answer for the fifth question on the first page and proceeds down, while the fifth question and first answer appears at the top of the second page. This allows you to cut out the cards and immediately use them as double-sided flash cards rather than pasting each question and answer to another card.

To add more sections for additional cards, click on the More button. The tool also allows you to insert an image into the cards by pasting the full URL of a hosted image into a box, with no other text appearing. You may also import large numbers of cards by clicking the Import number and choosing the appropriate file.

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