How Do You Use a Fountain Pen to Write?


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To use a fountain pen, fill it with ink, position the nib feed-side down, relax your grip on the barrel, and write at a 45-degree angle. Choose high-quality paper for the best results.

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  1. Fill the fountain pen with ink

    Fountain pens can use ink cartridges or, with the addition of a converter, bottled ink. If working with ink cartridges, simply snap the cartridge into the end of the nib, and screw the nib and cartridge into the barrel. If using bottled ink with a converter, dip the writing end of the nib into the ink, and draw it up using the converter.

  2. Position the nib feed-side down

    Hold the pen so that the ball of the nib and the feed grooves face the paper. The broad, shiny side of the nib should face you.

  3. Relax your grip on the pen barrel

    Relax your grip on the barrel, and use a light touch with the pen for best results. Fountain pen nibs glide over the paper and require very little pressure to lay down a line of ink.

  4. Write with the pen at a 45-degree angle

    For the best nib-to-paper contact, write with the pen at a 45-degree angle. The nib adapts to your writing style over time.

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