How Do You Use FCAT Practice Tests?

Use an FCAT practice test to help understand the types of questions and concepts that appear on the actual exam and identify the areas in which you need to improve. Some practice tests include short response and multiple choice sections, while others require you to solve mathematical equations.

One of the most common ways to use an FCAT practice test is take it as if it were the actual test, meaning with the same time limit and resource restrictions. After taking the test, examine which question you failed to identify the areas in which you need to study in order to pass the test. You should also review the test after completing it to understand how the questions appear and the exact concepts that are likely to show up in future tests.

The FCAT is Florida's statewide standardized test issued to students starting in the third grade and ending in the eleventh grade and is a requirement for graduation from high school. The test consists of two main sections that focus on the cumulative skills the student learns throughout her educational career, specifically in terms of English and mathematics. Most practice tests focus on one of the two subjects and contain a structure that is as close to that of the actual test as possible. Many also offer detailed answers for multiple choice or math questions to help the students learn from their mistakes.