How Do You Use Empower3000 Educational Software Outside of School?


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Sign up for the after school version of Empower3000, called Achieve After School, on the Achieve3000 website. Achieve After School makes Empower3000 material available to users with an Internet connection outside of the classroom. The Achieve3000 website also enables users to request a demo of Achieve After School.

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Achieve After School provides 24/7 access to the classroom materials in settings outside of the classroom. It is useful either as an extension of Empower3000 material used in the classroom, or as its own after school math program. The program also offers an Achieve Literacy Routine study plan that does not require certified teacher aid.

Features of the Achieve After School program include LevelSet online assessment tools, varying content and reporting technology. The LevelSet online assessment tools gauge the individual reading abilities and progress of the user and other students, and this determines the difficulty levels of subsequent material. Content includes exercises on specific themes and puzzles. Achieve After School's reporting technology offers real-time diagnostic and achievement data. If one chooses to use Achieve After School in conjunction with school, then teachers can view this data to gauge the user's abilities.

The Achieve3000 website has contact information to use to send order inquiries.

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