How Do You Use "Dance Dance Revolution" in Physical Education?


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The best way to use the Konami interactive video game "Dance Dance Revolution" as part of a physical education program is by choosing the classroom edition of the game, which is specifically designed for schools. The classroom version of the game connects up to 48 game mats to a controlling computer, allowing an entire classroom to participate in the dance moves of the very physical game.

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"Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition" allows teachers to track their students' body mass index (BMI), caloric burn rate and steps taken. While the students follow the programmed dance moves, they have fun and move enthusiastically, even though they are unaware of their specific activity levels.

According to DDR: Classroom Edition, studies show that 40 minutes of dancing with "Dance Dance Revolution" is the equivalent of a five kilometer run. As of 2012, "Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition" had started to roll out in various high schools across the country and had teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move in School" campaign dedicated to providing quality physical activity in schools.

Each "Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition" package comes equipped with the computer needed to run the game, a remote control, all cables, mat controllers, a receiver unit, a keyboard and monitor, a rechargeable storage cart for the mat controllers, smart cards, an operations manual, and the curriculum for the "Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition" program.

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