How Do You Use Custom Tracer Pages?

How Do You Use Custom Tracer Pages?

Using custom tracer pages involves selecting the letters and font style for the worksheet, selecting a theme or picture (if desired) and then printing the worksheets for use practicing writing. Kidzone, DLTK's Growing Together and A to Z Teacher Stuff are three websites where users can make custom trace pages.

To use custom tracer pages:

  1. Find a custom tracer page creation tool
  2. Visit a website like A to Z Teacher Stuff or Kidzone and look for the tracers section. This usually brings up a page where users can begin creating the tracer page.

  3. Select an optional theme or picture
  4. Look for theme and photo options on the tracer page creator and select the one to be used. Some examples include alphabet or school-related pictures and seasons, as seen on DTTK's Growing Together website.

  5. Choose the letters and font style
  6. Choose a font style, such as script, standard block or cursive if the tool offers the option. Then, depending on the website, either type or select the letters to be printed on each line of the tracer page.

  7. Print the page
  8. Depending on the site used, look for a print option or page creation option to finalize the page for printing. Then print the page for the student to practice tracing over the letters.