How Do You Use Cross Reference Directories?


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Use cross reference directories to find missing information. Typically used for looking up phone numbers, a directory search for either the anonymous number or the user's name provides the complete information, filling in the blanks and solving the mystery.

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If you are receiving calls from an anonymous number, you can refer to a free online reverse telephone directory to reveal hidden information, such as the location of the call and the name of the person connected to the phone number. Instead of returning a missed call to a long distance number, you can simply cross-reference to find the person online and gather any further information with a Google search.

The US Library of Congress makes available to the public an extensive collection of current and non-current telephone, city and reverse telephone (criss/cross) directories for the United States and many foreign countries. The Cross-Reference Index consists of two sections: a Community Index, which identifies the directory in which a specific community's listing can be found; and Directory Coverage, a list of all the communities covered by a specific directory. These directories often provide additional information about individuals, such as place of employment and name of spouse, along with numerous other variables.

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