How Do You Use a Bibliography Generator?

Using a bibliography generator requires inputting the information for each source into the generator and then exporting the full list or each source, depending on the generator used, to place the bibliography in the paper. Some free bibliography generators to use include, and

Follow the steps below to use a bibliography generator.

  1. Select the citation format
  2. On the bibliography generator website, select the citation style to be used. Some typical options include American Psychological Association, Turabian and Modern Language Association formats.

  3. Enter each source
  4. After selecting the citation style, choose a type of source to cite such as a book, website or journal. and have tabs with common source types, and users can select the source type and enter search terms to find the source automatically in some cases. Alternatively, look for a manual entry option on the bibliography generator to enter the citation information by hand, if necessary.

  5. Put the generated entries into the paper
  6. Depending on the citation generator used, it may be necessary to copy and paste each resulting citation entry into the document, or the generator might have an export option that either shows all entries on one page for easy copying and pasting or allows the user to download the list as a document.