How Do You Use the A Beka Book Homeschool Curriculum?


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To use A Beka Book's curriculum, follow the detailed daily instructions for teaching and review. Each curriculum kit includes lessons plans, estimated teaching time and a recommended schedule.

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A sample day out of a Kindergarten curriculum book begins with 10 minutes of phonics, 10 to 15 minutes of writing, 12 minutes of reading and activity time and ends with review. With a spreadsheet schedule template, you can block periods of time for teaching and reviewing with multiple children who are each at different grade levels or speeds of learning.

A Beka Book curriculum and lesson plans leave room for elective subjects that are typical of a classical education, such as Bible study, art history, drawing, music and poetry.

Each subject and grade parent kit includes a curriculum book. You also can purchase curriculum books separately. Each subject and grade parent kit corresponds to a child kit. Child kits and adult kits sell for about $100 to $300 and may include 20 or more textbooks, as of 2015.

A general overview of A Beka Book curriculum, lesson plans and schedules is available at ABeka.com. ABeka.com indicates that A Beka Book curriculum, lesson plans and time-management strategies are suggestions.

A Beka Book encourages parents to use an all-A Beka Book curriculum or diverse curriculum that includes textbooks from other publishers or in accordance with another series of learning objectives, such as Common Core.

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