How Do You Use an APA Format Citation Generator?

To use an American Psychological Association format citation generator, go to the APA website, choose the desired format, enter the references and download the complete bibliography. Examples of online APA format citation generators are, and Writers who do not credit another author with a reference citation may be accused of plagiarism.

To use the APA format citation generator from to create a bibliography, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to in an internet browser and select APA as the citation style. Other options include MLA, American Medical Association and Chicago as of 2015, notes

  3. Search for the reference
  4. Search the database for the book, article, newspaper, film or website that needs to be cited. If the reference is not found, users can enter the required information themselves.

  5. Add to the bibliography
  6. Click on Create Citation to add the reference to the bibliography.

  7. Repeats steps two and three
  8. Repeat the steps until all references have been added to the bibliography.

  9. Download the bibliography
  10. Download the bibliography in APA format.

Those who need to save the citations for later use can sign up for an account. Click on the Sign Up box at the bottom of the screen and complete the required information to register an account.