How do you use APA format?


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APA format requires that the writer have clear, outlined sections, including a title page, abstract, body and references. APA also uses in-text citations as well as specific guidelines when formatting the reference page or pages.

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APA format is the standard of the American Psychological Association and is most often used by students of psychology or other social sciences. Education students may also be required to use APA. The paper must have a title page with a running title. It must also include the author and the name of the school. Following the title page is an abstract that should be between 150 and 250 words. It should briefly describe the ideas discussed within the paper. The main body of the paper should be one long section if it is an essay, or several sections if it is a scientific report.

The last page is a reference page. All entries must be in alphabetical order, the reference pages must be double-spaced, and all references cited are included as in-text citations within the body of the text. To write an in-text citation in APA format, use the last name of the author and the year that it was published within parenthesis. For example, a book by Alfred Adler in 1910 is written as (Adler, 1910).

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