What Are Some Unusual yet Beautiful Girl Names?

Abilene, Branwen, Caia, Cyra and Sybil are unique girls names. Branwen is a lovely Celtic name from a mythology where a young woman is turned into a bird. In Roman mythology, Caia Caecilia is a powerful goddess of healing, fire and women.

Names typically seen as male-specific often make for unique and interesting female names. For example, a standard trending male name such as Dylan makes for a thoughtful feminine version of Dillon. Choosing a unisex name also allows for plenty of room to be creative with spelling, often giving any name a charming one of a kind flare. Understanding and researching the background of a name may also be helpful in the decision making process.

Celebrity trend setters often leave an influential mark in the world of baby naming, often spurring a frenzy of followers. In recent years, names such as Ava, Emerson, Matilda, Violet and Willow have spiked in popularity since the Hollywood parents breathed a new life back into forgotten titles. In 2014 the list of most popular female names includes Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava and Isabella. Names of flowers and months of the year are also making a comeback with more unusual choices becoming the norm.