What Are Some Unusual Words That Start With W?


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Wergild, wanchancy, wakerife, wanion and wallydrag are some examples of unusual words that begin with a W. A few more examples include wappenshaw, washateria and wassail.

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Wergild is money given to the family of a person who was murdered. Wanchancy means ill-fated or mischievous. Wakerife means sleepless, wakeful or alert. Wanion means curse or vengeance. A wallydrag is a person or animal who is feeble. A wappenshaw is a Scottish word meaning a review of troops to make sure they are ready for battle. Washateria is another word for a laundromat. A wassail is an Old English word meaning to toast to a person's health. It was traditionally done with spiced ale on Christmas Eve.

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