What Are Some Unusual Words That Start With "M"?

What Are Some Unusual Words That Start With "M"?

Some unusual words that start with the letter "M" are "martlet," "minauderie," "mudlark," "mainpernor" and "malacophilous." Other unusual m-words include "mammock," "mandylion," "mythopoeic" and "mussitation."

Martlet refers to a small bird with feathers instead of legs and feet depicted in various heraldic emblems.

Minauderie refers to a display of affection or a coquettish air, especially in reference to women in ballrooms of days gone by.

A mudlark is someone that scavenges for items of value in the mud at the edges of rivers. The term originated in London during the 18th century. Most mudlarks in London were children and older men that lived in poverty on the shores of the River Thames.

Mainpernor refers to a no longer used legal surety similar to bail that ensured a released prisoner would return to court the next day.

The adjective malacophilous describes plants pollinated by snails.

The largely obsolete term mammock refers to a small piece or fragment of something.

A mandylion is a garment worn loosely over armor similar to a surcoat.

Mythopoeic refers to an story, event or individual that provides the basis for a myth.

Mussitation means speech spoken in murmurs or whispers. It is related to the also unusual verb "mussitate."

Other unusual words starting with "M" include "maffick," "matutolypea" and "mopsical."