What Unusual Words Start With the Letter "J"?


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Unusual words that begin with "J" include "jejune," "jojoba" and "jicama." These words are unusual because none of them have the traditional sound associated with the letter J. "Jejune" is from Latin and refers to the mundane, dull or insipid nature of something, as in a jejune business meeting.

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The Js in "jejune" have a “zh” sound, as in "Zsa Zsa," and the pronunciation for the word is "zhe zhune'."

The jojoba is a shrub indigenous to the Southwest that produces an oil used in cosmetics, shampoos and lubricants. The Js have the sounds of Hs, and the pronunciation is “ho ho’ ba.”

Jicama is an edible tuberous root that is popular in Latin American cuisine and is also known as the Mexican turnip. The J has a sound that is a cross between an H and Y and the word is pronounced “hyee’ ca ma.”

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