What Are Some Unusual Three-Syllable Words?


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Unusual three-syllable words include "abactor," which means cattle thief; "ebberman," meaning one who fishes under bridges; "quacksalver," meaning one who falsely pretends to have medical knowledge; and "zelatrix," which is a nun responsible for disciplining younger nuns. "Balbeldom" is an unusal three-syllable word that means a confused sound of voices and the word "macilent" means lean or extremely thin. The foot-covering of a suit of armour is a "sabaton," and "wasserman" means man-shaped sea monster.

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Unusual three syllable adjectives include" agrestic," meaning of the fields, rural or unpolished, and "hystricine," meaning of, like or pertaining to pigs. Other unusual adjectives with three syllables are "potamic," meaning of, like or pertaining to rivers; "sphragistic," meaning of, like or pertaining to seals and signets; and "volucrine," meaning bird-like. Unusual three-syllable nautical words include "binnacle," which is the case that holds a ship's compass, and "cofferdam," which is a narrow, vacant space between a ship's bulkheads. "Aspidate" is a three-syllable word that means shield-shaped. "Ancistroid" is the word to use when describing an item that is hook-shaped.

Unusual three-syllable words related to colors include "albicant," meaning whitish or becoming white; "castory," meaning a brown color or the brown dye derived from beaver pelts; and "mazarine," meaning a rich blue or reddish-blue color.

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