What Are Some Unusual City Names?

What Are Some Unusual City Names?

Unusual city names include Intercourse in Pennsylvania, Slaughterville in Oklahoma and Hell in Michigan. Sandwich, Looneyville, and Happyland are also unusual city names in the United States.

Intercourse is situated in Amish County. The name of the city became official at the time when the word could also mean “fellowship.” Harrison Ford’s movie “Witness” featured this city’s sign.

Slaughterville is a small town that took its name after a grocery store owner named James Slaughter. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested, requesting that the town change its name. The organization offered to donate vegetarian burgers to the school district once the change went into effect, but the town rejected the offer because it does not have its own school district.

Hell is a town built around a grain mill that became the producer of illegally produced liquor. According to local stories, many drunken men would disappear into this town, causing wives to say that their husbands had “gone to hell.” Hence, the town’s official name became Hell.

Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod. Its name comes from the seaport of Sandwich in England. Looneyville is a rural community in Texas. The town was named after John Looney, who established a store there in the 1870s. Happyland is situated on the banks of the Connecticut River. As an unincorporated community, it is not subject to municipal taxes.