What Are Some Unusual Boy Names?

What Are Some Unusual Boy Names?

In 2015, Popsugar stated that unusual boy names were inspired by unique spellings of traditional names and reinterpreting Biblical and Greek names and from everyday modern words derived from current cultural trends. For example, Thaddeus, Zackery, Enoch, Clinton, Franco and Elvis were reported as names for boys.

Unusual names inspired by celebrities included Clinton, Nixon, Hendrix, Hugh, Quinten and Coen. First and last names from popular entertainment and political spheres were a rich source of material for atypical boy names.

Some unusual names inspired by culture were Mustafa, Coleman, Houston, Princeton, Vaughn, Zaire, Tyrese, Roderick, Legend, Crew and Broderick. Names such as Brice, Ethen, Graysen, Jaycob, Rey, Trystan and Kamren are creative spelling plays on traditional names.

Fit Pregnancy listed Jett, Mekhi and Orion as futuristic names that would be unlikely to top the popularity charts. Jett is an unusual name that is derived from the semi-precious stone. Other unusual boy names listed on Fit Pregnancy included Wilder, Gunner, Steel and Thorn.

Bounty listed twenty of the most unusual boy names for 2014 as Wisdom, Thor, Sandor, Egor, Saxon, Norman, Titus, Atlas, Trace, Blaize, Royal, King, Nero, Hero, Apollo, Obi, Muse, Memphis, Ruse and Dyson. Many of the names have links to celestial and mythological origins.