What Universities Do Not Require the GRE?

Some universities do not require the Graduation Record Examination (GRE), such as the University of Arizona and the West Texas A&M university; however, graduate departments within each university may require the GRE. To find out whether or not a university requires the GRE, a prospective student should contact the department head at the university and ask whether a student without a GRE can be accepted into the program.

The GRE score is often needed for students wishing to attend graduate school. It can be taken most weekdays and most weekends during the year and takes a total of three hours and forty-five minutes. The test cost $195 in 2014 and included sections of analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal.

The test covers a wide range of topics within these sections including "text completion, sentence equivalence, reading comprehension, basic algebra, geometry, averages, ratios, number properties, exponents, square roots and numeric problem solving" according to the Princeton Review. The test also includes two essays. The GRE test was designed to evaluate whether or not students would be able to succeed in graduate level courses. For students interested in specific subjects, there are GRE subject tests. These subject tests are typically only needed for entrance into the highly competitive programs.