Which Universities Offer Online Courses for Free?

Which Universities Offer Online Courses for Free?

Some universities that offer free online course include Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford and Yale. These prestigious colleges offer courses to anyone with an Internet connection.

Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative offers courses in a range of subjects, from Spanish, French and Chinese to biology, chemistry and psychology. Combining text, audio and self-assessment modules, these online course allow students to engage in a self-directed curriculum that is also used by many colleges and universities around the world.

MIT’s OpenCourseWare allow users access to material from over 2,000 of the university’s courses. Although the work is self-directed and is not assessed, the program offers instruction on variety of subjects, from architecture and engineering to health and humanities. Users have access to all the aspects of a course, including lecture notes, online textbooks, presentations and exams.

Stanford offers online course through the iTunes U service, allowing users to listen to recorded lectures on art, history, literature, social sciences and more. Along with lectures, the service offers supplementary materials such as project assignments and exams. Stanford’s iTunes U also offers a smartphone app for users who want to learn on the go.

Yale’s Open Yale program offers a selection of free introductory courses, featuring recorded lectures available in video, audio and text formats. No registration is required, and users can access as many courses as they wish.