What Universities Offer Courses in Waste Management?

universities-offer-courses-waste-management Credit: mapichai/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The University of California, Los Angeles, the American Public University and the University of Florida offer waste management courses with credits applying towards a certificate. Universities that offer waste management courses as part of an undergraduate or graduate degree include the University of Southern California, Webster University and the University of Maryland.

The UCLA Extension provides an online certification program in Recycling and Solid Waste Management. Students can earn the certificate by completing the four core classes, plus eight additional hours of elective coursework. Class offerings include Municipal Solid Waste Technology, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and a research project on Recycling and Municipal Solid Waste Management.

The University of Florida Center for Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations provides practical skills courses for professionals working in the waste management industry. On-campus courses include training for spotters and operators and landfill sites. Continuing education offerings cover topics such as health and safety for waste management workers and hazardous material handling.

APU provides an online undergraduate certificate program in Hazardous Waste Management. Subject areas include the principles, regulations and technologies related to managing hazardous waste.

Waste management courses at USC are part of the Master of Science in civil engineering degree with a concentration in water and waste management at the Viterbi school of business.

Students can study waste management online at Webster University and the University of Maryland to earn credit towards a Master's degree in environmental management.