What Are Some Universal Technical Institute Admission Requirements?

Universal Technical Institute requires that students be high school graduates of at least 18 years of age and have no DUIs or felonies on their records. Admissions requirements vary between UTI campuses, each of which has its own admissions department. To begin the first stage in the admissions process for UTI, students must fill out the online application form. An admissions officer later completes the admissions process.

Students at all UTI campuses are eligible for financial aid. Students interested in attending should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students may initiate the admissions process at any time throughout the year.

In order to qualify for career placement upon graduation, students must meet certain standards and requirements: all graduating UTI students must have a clean driving record for up to five years (depending on the state), a valid license to operate a motor vehicle, and their own hand tools and tool box. Each graduate must also pass a drug screening. Graduates must be willing to spend time learning on the job as entry-level technicians.

Some of the UTI campuses are located in Long Beach, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Exton, Pennsylvania; and Houston, Texas. The Orlando, Florida, campus is unique in that it offers MMI marine, MMI motorcycle and UTI auto and diesel courses of study.