What Are the Units in Third-Grade Math?


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Third-grade math units include solving problems that have to do with measuring, estimating, and learning how to represent and interpret data, according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative as of 2015. Other units include learning about area and how it factors into addition and multiplication.

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Another unit has children learning about perimeter and applying the concept to real-world issues as well as to mathematical problems. The measurement and estimation unit entails students learning to tell time to the closest minute and finding solutions to word problems by adding and subtracting time in minutes. It also involves solving one-step word problems that have to do with same-unit mass or volume. Students work with units such as kilograms, grams and liters. A typical worksheet might feature a beaker with a measurement scale.

Representing and interpreting data involves making picture and bar graphs to represent sets of data. For example, one objective of a lesson could be to draw a bar graph in which each square equals three pigs. The unit also includes measuring line lengths with rulers and creating a line plot to show the data. Learning about area entails lessons such as figuring out the area of a rectangle by multiplying the lengths of its sides.

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