What Are Some Unique Spellings of Names?


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Some names with unusual spellings include “Alexzandre,” “Dafydd,” “Jayceson” and “Zakkery” for boys, and “Cydnee,” “Emileigh,” “Jazzmyn” and “Myah” for girls, as listed by Parenting magazine. While these names are traditional enough, what makes them modern and unusual are the changes in their spellings.

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What Are Some Unique Spellings of Names?
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There are a few common ways to create alternative spellings. One method substitutes “k” for “c” or “ch” at the start of a name, as in “Kaitlyn” for “Caitlyn” or “Kristopher” for “Christopher.” An example of such a substitution in the middle of a name is “Mikayla” for “Michaela.”

Another option is to play with vowels and use different ones to retain the same sound. For example, “Rayna” is an alternate spelling of “Raina."

The long sound of “e” is open to a number of interpretations in girls’ names. For instance, “Bailey” could take on the forms of “Bailee,” “Baylee” or even the longer “Bayleigh.” Likewise, alternate spellings for "Tracy" include "Tracey," Traci" and "Tracie."

Sometimes, replacing “s” with “z” imparts a different flavor to a name, such as using “Izabelle” in place of the well-known “Isabelle” or "Suzy" in place of the more traditional "Susie." Removing or adding consonants also works well, as in “Lillianna.”

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