What Are Some Unique Name Suggestions for a Dog?


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Some unique names for male dogs include Gizmo, Zeus, Milo, Kai and Sherwood. Some unique names for female dogs include Luna, Desiree, Xena, Tallulah, Mercedes and Persephone.

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Gizmo is an informal English noun that describes a gadget that doesn't have a specific name. This name can be given to dogs that are useful in many ways or can do many tricks. Milo derives from a Germanic name meaning "gracious" or a Latin word meaning "soldier."

Zeus was the name of a Greek god, while Kai derives from Gaius, the given name of Roman leader Julius Caesar. Sherwood derives from an Old English term meaning "bright forest." The name is popular because of its inclusion in the folktales of Robin Hood.

Luna was the name of the Roman goddess of the Moon. Desiree is a French name meaning "desired." Xena derives from a Greek word meaning "hospitality" or "guest." The name was popularized by the 1990s television series "Xena: Warrior Princess." Tallulah derives from either a Choctaw word meaning "leaping waters" and "waterfall," or a Creek word meaning "town."

Mercedes derives from a Latin word meaning "reward" or "favor." This name was popularized by the auto company Mercedes-Benz. Persephone was the name of a Greek mythological being that was responsible for the changing of the seasons.

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