What Are Some Unique Ideas for a Mini-Science Project?


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Some ideas for small science projects are suspending an egg in water or creating a vinegar volcano. Some other ideas are balloons that explode by themselves, and making fizzy drinks with carbon dioxide.

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Before performing a vinegar volcano experiment, it is useful to have paper towels handy before the eruption takes place. Next, get a tall plastic container and add a few tablespoons of baking powder. To cause the eruption, pour in a cup of vinegar, then stand back quickly. The mixture immediately erupts in a foamy substance. The chemical process utilizes the properties of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and acetic acid (vinegar), which form carbonic acid. This compound is unstable and violently separates into water and carbon dioxide.

The egg experiment demonstrates the buoyancy of salt water. Normally, an egg sinks to the bottom of a water-filled container, but using salt can prevent the egg from sinking completely. To perform the experiment, gather a tall drinking glass, water, salt and an egg. Next, fill the glass halfway with water and thoroughly mix in 6 tablespoons of salt. After this, add tap water carefully until the glass is nearly full and place the egg into the glass. The egg should sink only halfway down the length of the glass, suspended by the saltwater layer.

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