What Are the Most Unique Boy Baby Names From Each Region of the World?

Popular baby names for boys vary widely between continents and even between countries; for example, in Australia, the names Jack, Joshua, Lachlan, William and Thomas are popular, while in Argentina, the names Santiago, Lautaro, Matias, Tomas and Lucas are top choices among parents. In Belgium, the names Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Nathan and Gabriel are the most popular for boys, as of October 2015.

In Mexico, popular names for boys include Miguel Angel, Diego, Luis Angel, Santiago and Alejandro. In Germany, popular boy names include Maximilian, Alexander, Leon, Paul and Luca. The French choose Matheo, Enzo, Mathis, Noah and Lucas most often for boys, while in England, Jack, Thomas, Oliver, Joshua and Harry are the most popular baby boy names.

In the Czech Republic, Jakub, Jan, Thomas, Lukas and Ondrej are popular boys names, while Chileans prefer Benjamin, Vincente, Matias, Martin and Sebastian. Ukranians choose Olexandr, Danylo, Maksym, Vladyslav and Mykyta as the most popular names for boys.

In the United States, the Social Security Administration publishes an annual list of the most popular names for babies, based on the names given in the year to newborns. For 2014, the top names for U.S. baby boys include Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob and William.

Vox.com publishes a map listing the most popular names for boys from around the world. The map offers one popular name from each country, and includes names such as Aarav, Wei, Yerasyl, Naranbaatar and Mamadou. Other names on the map include Nathan, Ben, Maxim, Francesco and Omni.