What Are Some Unique Baby Girl Names?


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Some unique baby girl names include Zuri, Yvette, Marisole, Joslyn and Seraphina. Other names that appear on the United States Social Security Administration's list of popular names but are not among the most frequently used names in America include Armelle, Brinley, Keegan, Elodie, Layla, Danica and Hadlee.

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A few girl names that were each given to just five known babies in America in 2012 include Bette, Cassiopeia, Claudine and Garland. The names Germaine, Reeve, Tansy, Eulalie, Bess and Navena were given to six babies each in 2012. Other girl baby names that were given to fewer than 10 children in 2012 include Amabel, Carola, Clementina, Gwendolen, Sidonie and Maude.

Some unique baby girl names come from flower and plant names. The names Magnolia, Azalea, Poppy, Willow and Zinnia are derived from flowers, while Saffron, Juniper and Sage come from spices and herbs.

Ancient mythology is another source for unique baby girl names. The names Olympia, Persephone and Athena come from Greek myths, while the names Ceres, Juno and Pax come from Roman mythology. Welsh mythology provides parents with unusual female name choices such as Olwen and Rhiannon. The names Freyja and Nanna have Norse origins. The unusual baby names Lorelei, Anat and Aja stem respectively from Germanic, Semitic and Yoruban traditions.

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