What Are Some Unique Baby Boy Names?


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Some unique boy names that are modern and short include Axel, which is Danish for "father of peace," and Zane, which is the Hebrew version of John. A few other choices that utilize an "x" or a "z" include Phoenix, Blaze, Jax and Maddox.

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What Are Some Unique Baby Boy Names?
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Some unique boy names with a next-century twist include Jett, Kace, Gunner, Slate or Mekhi, which is a variation of the name Michael. Other names inspired by mythology and celestial bodies include Orion, Apollo, Atlas, Draco and Zeke. Some unique names that are masculine sounding or have an association with a tough brand include Wilder, Harley, Rocco, Ryker and Maximus. Some boy names inspired by historical kings or presidents include Maximus, Nixon, Caspian, Constantine and Darius. As of 2015, some old-fashioned names becoming popular again include Wyatt, Everett, Rhett and Beckett.

Boy names with associated with a sport or type of game include Ace, Spike, Duke, Bo and Finn. Some names inspired by famous athletes include Brees, Payton, Damon, Gordon and Hank. Names that are a little softer and are appropriate for a boy or a girl include Ashton, Ellis, Hunter, Morgan and Quinn. Unique names inspired by movies, television or music include Dexter, Crosby, Maverick, Bowie and Jagger.

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